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Daylily from Seed - Germination

Step 1. The seed pod should be gathered while the seeds are still ripe.  The pod itself will have just cracked open.

Step 2. Carefully pull the seed pod apart by using your finger tips to hold the cracked opening of the pod.

This will expose the seeds and they should easily fall from the pod.

Step 3. Fill a gallon zip lock bag with 2 inches of barely damp vermiculite. Place the seeds in the bag.  Zip the bag shut and shake to distribute the seed.  Place in indirect sun light (I used fluorescent shop lights).

Step 4. Check the bag occasionally.  I noticed green leaves growing in 2 weeks.  When most of the leaves are 4 inches tall, it is time to carefully transplant the seedlings to their own pots or in a flat.


Daylily Bloom



Daylily Seed Pod



Daylily Seeds



Daylily Seedlings in Bag

*Note:  Includes hardwood and softwood cuttings of house plants, trees, shrubs and vines

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