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Scaly Bulbs Spring Propagation

Step 1. Lilies may be propagated by carefully removing the outer scales. This is similar to removing the outer stems of a stalk of celery.

Step 2. Place a small amount of rooting hormone with a fungicide** in a zippered storage bag.  Place the scales in the bag, zip the bag shut tightly and shake the bag to dust the scales with the mixture.

Step 3. Holding the scale inside the bag, shake off the excess powder, then remove the scale from the bag (wear rubber gloves, preferably disposable ones).

Step 4. Fill another zippered storage bag with moist vermiculite. Add the treated scales.


Starglazer Oriental Lily



Lilium Scaly Bulb



Lilium Bulb Scales



Bulb Scale with Bulblets
*Note:  Includes hardwood and softwood cuttings of  house plants,  trees, shrubs and vines

** More about Systemic Fungicides for Bulbs


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