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Secrets of Plant Propagation


My House


Fancy Red Hibiscus

Antique Rose - Flower is about 1 1/2 inch

Lavender Butterfly Bush

Hunter with Skate Board Gear - Looking Tough

Lilies from Sisters Ranch (double flower)

Mama's Antique Rose - She got from Grandmother - Flower is about 2 1/4 inch and a deeper pink than picture shows

Red Passion Flower (spreads open in sun) - Deeper red (sun makes glare)

West Yard - Problems with flood because neighbor dug ditch in property  before I purchased my home. Notice slope down area in background is 4 ft deep in water during heavy rain.  Small trees in yard are pecan trees and a dwarf pear tree.

Circle bed in Morning Shade

Vegetable garden, old greenhouse( survived numerous hurricanes and one bad flood), old boat and Hunter's above ground pool.

Purple Coneflower - They are really a darker pink than this.  I don't know why they are called purple, they really are a dark pink.

One of my favorite day lilies

Grape vine (shredder temporarily stored underneath)

Coreopsis - Blooms early spring

This is Hunter's latest school picture taken this spring after he lost his second tooth.  The one that is coming in now is to the right of the gap, and it is enormous.

Hunter with favorite kitty and Smokey

The kittens... A couple are already starting to open their eyes.  Top center is Hunter's favorite and has one eye half open

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Antique Rose Stem Cuttings

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