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Antique Roses Cuttings - Continued

Step 8:  Spray the cuttings with a good fungicide for roses and let the leaves dry.  If the stems are thick (about 1/4th inch in diameter), slit them lengthwise to allow more water absorption.

Step 9:  Insert the stems of the rose cuttings in  rooting hormone.  I use a pint zippered freezer bag.

Step 9:  Place the cuttings in the prepared holes in the pot and press the soil around the stem firmly.

Step 10:  Use plastic straws or bamboo sticks or cut Venetian blinds to keep any plastic from touching the leaves.  Then place a gallon zippered bag over the pot.  The zippered bag will not fit tightly and will allow some air into the bag, yet keep the cuttings moist and the soil from losing moisture.

Step 11:  Place in a well lit  area out of direct sunlight.  Check every few days to make sure that moisture is being maintained.

Step 12:  In about 3-4 weeks, the cuttings will have started to develop roots.  You can then remove the bag.  In 6 weeks, you need to transplant those that have rooted to individual pots.  In 8-10 weeks, you can move them to direct light.

Thick Stems Should be Cut Lengthwise

Rose Stem Cuttings in Pot

Rose Stem Cuttings with Zippered Plastic Cover
Rose Cuttings with Roots after 3 weeks
*Note:  Includes hardwood and softwood cuttings of  house plants,  trees, shrubs and vines .    

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Antique Rose Stem Cuttings

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