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Calla Lily

Calla Lily Seeds

Unlike many other bulbs, Calla Lilies prefer a moist soil, and do not like to dry out in between watering.  For this reason, you will often find them planted in Partial Sun  near ponds.

Calla Lily Seedling.  These were grown the same way as the Day Lily Seeds (click on Day lily from seed in the menu at the top left of this page).
Calla Lily Bulb TOP
Calla Lily Bulb BOTTOM
Calla Lily Bulb Multiplying (BOTTOM VIEW)
Calla Lily Bulb Multiplying (TOP VIEW)

Pencil is pointing to Bulb section ready for Division

Calla Lily Bulbs that are ready for division can be simply broken apart.  If they do not break easily, they are not ready for division.

The open wound (pencil points to it) will need to dry out and heal before planting.

Determining the top and bottom of the Calla Lily bulb can be confusing because the roots form from the top of the bulb.  Any roots that you see on the bottom will be coming from the top of a new bulb that is forming.

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