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Propagation Perennials by Leaf Cuttings - Continued

Step 7:  In two weeks small roots should be forming on some of the leaf cuttings..

Step 8:  In one month, pot the tiny new plant in a 2-3 inch container.  Put a small plastic storage bag over the pot and add a rubber band around the pot to secure the plastic to the container.

Step 9.  In about 2 months you will start seeing new leaves developing.  Transplant into a larger pot as needed.


Special Note :  Rex begonias are rhizomes and can also be divided by cutting the rhizome into several sections, each containing at least one begonia leaf. 



Rex Begonia Leaf Cutting with New Plant Growing - 2 Weeks

Rex Begonia Leaf Cutting at 7 weeks (2 Mother Leaves with New Growth)

Dividing Rex Begonia Rhizome
Rex Begonia Rhizome Divided
*Note:  Includes hardwood and softwood cuttings of house plants,  trees, shrubs and vines

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