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Propagation Perennials by Stem Cuttings - Continued

Step 7:  Make three holes in the soil mixture.

Step 8:  Place the dusted root cuttings in the holes and press the soil down with your fingers until there are no air pockets around the cuttings.  In dry areas, cover the plant and pot with plastic to help retain moisture

Step 9.  In about 1-2 months you will start seeing new leaves developing.  The stem cutting should now have roots.   Plant outdoors after all danger of frost has passed.  Keep well watered.



Prepared pot with 3 Holes

Cutting Planted

Cutting with New Roots
Cuttings with New Leaves
*Note:  Includes hardwood and softwood cuttings of house plants,  trees, shrubs and vines

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Stem Cuttings

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