One of our members sent me email early this morning to tell me that she and her husband and family are okay. They are helping in the process of finding help for those hurt and with no place to go.

Her plea is to ask everyone to give blood. It is badly needed for those who escaped with injuries. I am proud that our blood banks here are full, and they are awaiting shipment so they can take more, but everyone is awaiting news when they will be able to receive more.

We gardeners are a wonderful, loving and sharing people and this is hard for all of us to accept. I was wondering when they would actually give the families of the missing families members a chance to express their grief and tonight, they did. I am sure there will be more of that, and they desperately need the chance to express their need to know anything, everything.

It is terrible to lose a loved one, but even more terrible to not know if your loved one survived or not. Let us all pray hard for those so tragically impacted by this hatred and evil. It is so very difficult to comprehend, but having lost a dearly loved brother in a sudden and tragic accident, I can comprehend the grief and difficulty of moving forward and getting life back to normal in the sudden absence of a loved one.

I can tell you from experience, that accepting the lost of a loved one is hard, and even 7 years later, I many times have difficulty with the fact that I will not be able to talk to or hug my brother. Can you imagine the difficulty of those loved ones whose bodies have not been recovered? I can't. That slim hope is better than no hope at all, yet they know. May God Bless them, and I urge you all to pray very hard for these families, for this is a grief that is worse than anyone should ever have to endure.

God Bless You ALL!