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Thread: The North roof is on

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    The North roof is on

    I just had a great three days! On Saturday a friend lent me the use of his truck so I could get some pea gravel to finish the floor of my greenhouse, that turned out to be the easy part! Once the gravel had been dumped in my yard I had to wheelbarrow it to the greenhouse, It didn't take long to do and now the floor is complete, it looks so cool. I do have many pictures of the progress but as yet do not have the capability to send via internet, but I will.
    We took a pretty big truck to the quarry so I had plenty of gravel left over to make pathways all around the greenhouse, I even had enough to put a nice three inch layer in my first propagation bed. I plan to use the bed for my Japanese Maples which will be potted up soon. I plan to cover the bed with shade cloth and use some type of misting system for the seedlings.
    All in all I managed to move four and a half tons of pea gravel on Saturday and finished just as the sun was dropping for the day,
    On Sunday I kicked back a lIttle and just cleaned up the work area. I also cut the roof panels for the north side roof, These panels were given to me by my neighbor and they were HEAVY!! they are white coated steel about 20 gauge and twelve and one half feet in length (after I cut them) After cutting all the panels I stacked them in the order they would be installed on the roof and called it a day. (treated myself to a barbecue and a cold beer)
    Today I got back at it early so I could beat the heat. I installed the steel roof on my greenhouse and it came out pretty good. By 3PM I was cleaning up and admiring my handiwork. The roof really changed the way the summer sun enters the greenhouse, I knew it would but It looks so different. The real test is the winter sun, the angle is so low the sun should shoot almost straight in. (I am relying on my calculations from my previous research to be correct) And hope that no one plants a tree!!
    The Next thing to do is insulate, another neighbor has a roll of styrofoam insulation that will staple quite nicely to my North wall. He has offered whatever I need to complete the work. Free is good!!!
    I really want to get some pictures of this project out there so I can share with everyone. I think once the fall arrives I may focus on the process. until the fall It's just too nice outside!

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    Re: Greenhouse Pictures


    I can't wait to see the pictures!

    It truly sounds like you are having FUN, and I am anxious to learn more as I am trying my best to figure out what I am going to do about my next greenhouse.

    I still have a long way to go before I make that decision, but I plan to learn as much as I can and make the wisest decision as I can, for once I make it, I will have to live with my decision for a very long time..

    Ann B.
    Zone 9a
    Gulf Coast

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