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Thread: Begonia Question

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    Begonia Question


    Mom is not feeling well and she asked me to ask you a question.

    She has been wanting the rex begonia that you have on the page:


    She can't remember what name you said it was. She has many and she is doing good at learning to do the leaf cuttings, but she was ill when you sent her that one and it did not make it.

    We would like to buy her some more Rexes for her collections but don't know where to find them. She said to find out from you where she can buy them and you make a commission to help your web site. She said to tell you not to send her a leaf. We want to do this for her. She has enjoyed what she learned from you so much and you have taken so much time to answer her emails.

    She said to tell you she is glad to see you have done so much in one year.

    Thank you.

    Begonia's Daughter

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    I hope your Mom gets well soon. Tell her to send me email when she has the chance to let me know how she is doing. Things have been hectic around here with Hunter being out of school for the summer and with school about to start, but I will answer her email as soon as I can.

    The Rex Begonia that she is talking about is the 'Persian Swirl'. It is my very favorite and has grown immensely. It is one of the easiest to care for that I have. I don't have any rooted cuttings of it, but if I did, I would be sure to send her one. I need to work on that soon, but I am currently keeping my home too warm to try leaf cuttings right now.

    And as to where to buy, the only affiliate program that I have that sells Rex Begonia is:


    Go to 'Indoor Gardening', then 'Begonia', and you will find the Rex she is looking for there.

    I see that they currently have all houseplants on sale for $5.95, and believe me that is not a bad deal. The Rex's will be small, but should be a good enough size to get her started. Mine was small when I bought it, but it is enormous now.

    They do have the Persian Swirl and several others that she might like. Tell her to send me email, and we can compare notes, or you can email me. Actually, if I were to recommend any, that would be the one I would choose. It is absolutely gorgeous, and very easy.

    Take care and tell your Mom to Get Well Soon!
    Ann B.
    Zone 9a
    Gulf Coast

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