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Thread: Landspro Links and Pop-Up-Stopper Software

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    Landspro Links and Pop-Up-Stopper Software

    Hint: if you use Pop-Up-Stopper you must hold down the control key to use these hotlinks.

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    Thumbs up Thanks

    Thanks for the tip. I have made a copy of your post on the Landspro Tips forum and will do the same with this reply.

    I have used the free version of Pop-Up-Stopper because of the increase in 'Pop-UP' window popularity for advertising. I have since uninstalled it for the very reason that you have stated.

    If the Pop-UPs continue their rapid rise in popularity, I may have to reconsider the way I have links set up on this forum.

    Irregardless, I am seriously considering purchasing one of the versions that gives you more control over which Pop-Ups I do not wish to receive.

    It is an annoying problem, but many Pop-Ups contain information other than advertising and their use by webmasters also seems to be increasing.

    Perhaps Microsoft will pick up on the need and someday include a feature within Windows that allows selective turning off of Pop-Ups.

    Thanks, again for the TIP!
    Ann B.
    Zone 9a
    Gulf Coast

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    POP up Stopper

    I would not rely on Microsoft or Windows doing too much about banner ads, because each of them generates revenue for these companies. I think we will have to keep using Pop Up Stoppers or some such to keep them at bay. My wife does not like for me to use PUS, because it interferes with her playing games in the evening. It seems as if Pop Up would have overcome that problem somehow. If it had a pause button or off line button that you could use or not use, that would be very helpful.
    We recently had to change our IMP, and when I changed it was amazing how little spam and Pop Ups I got for a while. I decoded that I would rather use IE5.5 and Outlook than the Yahoo, stuff, so I (with the help of yahoo) changed back. There came the span and Pop ups again. Gee "ain't no way to get around it" is thre?
    charles, the senile senior
    charles in illinois

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