Use 'Email Notification' by default - Subscribing to a thread

If you set this option in your user control panel (usercp-->Edit Options) to Yes, you will automatically receive an email message from Landspro every time a new reply is made to a thread in which you have either created or replied.

If you set this option to No, you will not receive email messages when a thread in which you have participated is updated.

As a member of Landspro, you can subscribe to any thread by clicking on 'Receive updates to this thread' located to the right and at the bottom of the thread that you are currently viewing.

If you wish to receive an email when any thread is created or updated, you can subscribe to the entire forum by clicking on the forum name (ie,Landspro Message Board or Landspro Welcome Board...). then clicking on 'Subscribe to this Forum' located on the left just under the list of most current threads for that forum.

Please NOTE that you must be a member of Landspro to subscribe to a forum or thread.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send me email or reply to this thread.