EMAIL Privacy - How Landspro EMAIL Works

Some of you have chosen to disable your Landspro email feature because of bad experiences with your email address being given out or misused. I thought I would take the time to explain how it works...

If you enable your email, your email address will not be displayed. If someone wishes to use the Landspro email feature to send you email, they will simply click on the 'email' button associated with your membership name. A simple email form will appear on the sender's screen. The sender will fill out the subject area and the message area of the email form and then click on the 'Send email' button to submit the email.

Landspro will then send the message to you. As the recipient of the Landspro email, you will be able to see the sender's email address, but they will not be able to see yours. Nor will they be able to retain a copy of the message in a sent folder of any kind. In other words, there is no way the sender can get your email address unless you send email in return.

This is important - To Summarize

The sender will be giving his/her email address to the person he/she is sending the email. The Landspro email server will warn the sender that his/her email address will be on the message to be sent.

The email address of the recipient will not be given to the sender or anyone that views your membership profile.

Please note that as administrator and moderator, I can obtain your email address by quirying the password protected data base. I do not and will not give out email addresses without specific instruction/permission from the Landspro member.