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Thread: Anyone have any opinions on rototilling raised bed gardens?

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    Anyone have any opinions on rototilling raised bed gardens?

    I guess I am getting old, but turning over and chopping up the three 8x10' raised beds is just getting overwhelming. I hadn't done it for about 3 years, and boy has it been difficult to do this year, especially with this sudden heat and humidity. I need to go and get some mulch, but just don't have the energy today.

    I was thinking of renting a rototiller, but don't know anything about them. On the internet there is pro and con, but I just don't think I can face another spring turnover, it isn't any fun any more!

    Anyone have any opinions?
    Thanks, Linda

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    Linda- Oh my ! I was surprised,at the end, that you haven't been using a rototiller ! I love my Mantis tiller--it's the one they advertise as being light weight,etc. Mine is gas powered. I've had it for years--about 15!-and accomplished so much with it. I wouldn't be as much of a fan of the bigger heavier ones--that little Mantis is small but mighty. Got mine on line from someplace like Northwest power tools or something like that. There is a technique in using it but once you get the hang of it, it's old hat. If you get an Mantis-get the kickstand too. All that being said I'd even rent any tiller over doing it by hand!
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