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Thread: Cut Off Discs O Hippeastrum

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    Cut Off Discs O Hippeastrum

    I had some Hippeastrum which were very old and had very thick Discs on the bottom which the roots come out of,so I trimmed them.I cut almost all of the bottom off the bulbs. I left only a small amount for the roots to sprout from. Some of the cutoffs weren't picked up,but lay on the sidewalk where sand partially covered the walk. This is the north side of the house.The root calluses made bulbils in about three months.There was no part of the bulb present.

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    Re: Amaryllis bulb Propagation


    That is so very cool. Everything that I have read, studied or tried tells me that this should work.

    You are lucky to have sandy soil. My soil is very heavy and has to be amended to allow drainage. I don't know how much rain we have had in the last few weeks, but it has been a LOT.

    I am alive, but I wouldn't exactly say that I am kicking. Every day gets better....

    Thanks for being my friend

    P.S. Went outside to try to mow the front lawn but discovered my neighbor was mowing it. What would I do without such wonderful people?
    Ann B.
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