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    Are keiki's like daylily prolifs ? I have two on my Phalenopsis. How do you get them to root ? Do they just sprout roots at some point and then you detach it ?
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    I had a nice reply and lost it, so will go short version.

    Yes they are, the very same thing, advantageous growth, clones. Leave on the plant and they will initiate roots on their own, although increasing the humidity and warmth helps. There is no need to remove them until they begin ti get a bit too heavy and weigh down the inflorescence carrying it. They can even be blooming while still on the parent plant w/o any harm.

    I have 3 currently, 2 on the mother plant and one in a jar rooting and using, of all things, a damp paper towel wrapped loosely around the base and emerging roots. Before re-jarring it I have it on some moist orchid mix but it just wasn't doing well there.

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