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Thread: Guess What I made!

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    Guess What I made!

    My daughter has been complaining of having cold fingers even if she wears gloves in the cooler when she is stocking the shelves( works for a Publix Pix gas Mart) So I was looking at a knitting booklet I bought some time ago that had mittens and gloves as the subject.
    I saw instructions for a worsted weight pair of gloves. It called for double pointed needle that I didn't have but I had circular needles in those sizes. So I casted on stitches and started knitting. Got to the area where It said to transfer stitches , I had to figure out to knit half the number of stitches for the first finger, place the rest of the stitches on waste yarn turn my needle and cast on 2 stitches, place all of the stitches on the back needle on waste yarn except for the same number of stitches I had on the front needle before I casted the 2 extra stitches on. Then I joined the stitches and started knitting , knitted to the length the booklet said to knit to and fastened off. Then I repeated the procedure for the next 3 fingers . I finished it up and had her try it on when she got home from work. She liked it but said it was a little tight on her fingers. She has her daddy's hands. So I made her another pair with slightly larger fingers. Now her coworkers like them and said they wished they had some. So I guess that will be her Christmas gifts for her coworkers.
    The yarn is a worsted weight yarn that was left over after knitting a baby blanket for one of the co workers recently.
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