Well we came in second in the Wichita weather record book for most snowfall in one weather event. The record is 15 inches in 1962. Actually, I would have thought more than that. Anyway, no one is complaining and in fact we are mostly happy as we have been in extreme drought. Winter wheat will go wild with the moisture. The snow equates to a little over an inch of rain. It is good in snow form as it will absorb into the ground as it melts versus rain which would run off. I am thrilled for my garden as I have been already anticipating winter losses. Now, there is hope. Another snow system is predicted for Monday but it's too early to tell what that will truly bring. We bought a little on sale 99 dollar 13 amp electric snow blower the day before the storm-the guys in the store were kind chuckling assuming the snow would not materialize. Well, it came in handy clearing the driveway. Plants along the driveway-including hyacinths starting to emerge- are now under about 3 feet of snow but that's just more moisture for them ! Before the snow I checked on my Lenten Rose and sure enough-two flowers ! I don't know the name of the one I have but the blooms are very deep purple. I did take photos and need to organize them so I can post.
Oh, I forgot to mention that we also had thunder snow during the snowfall. I was in bed and saw a flash and figured it was my neighbor's porch light. Then, I heard thunder. I knew what it was. Usually when there is thunder snow there is also heavy snow-yep to that ! It's rain way up high in the atmosphere that turns to snow of the way down. Hopefully more posts and pics to follow.