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    Exclamation Issac

    OK, so now that this TS/Hurricane is definitely going to hit NOLA I have to find out just how things are looking for Mobile, AL and see how Ann is doing. Where are you these days, Ann? I hope you are in a far happier place now and that life is beginning to treat you better. How is our young man doing? And all the pets and plants? I seriously need an up-date from anyone who knows anything about how she is, so PLEASE, someone let me know!

    Hugs and Kisses and Blessings to all,

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    Hunter and I are Fine!

    We are about as prepared as we can be.

    This time, we are not boarding up but simply preparing for cat 1/2 wind and lots of rain. We are also NOT preparing a generator unless we absolutely have to do so due to a long outage.

    Rebecca, if you can, send me a PM and if I get it before losing power and/or cell service, I can call you to let you know how it is going.

    Hunter is now 18 and 6'4". He towers over me and is quite slim which he hates.

    HUGS to All!
    Ann B.
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    Glad Rebecca posted. I immediately thought of Ann when I heard Mobile was in Isaac's path. For sure there will be lots of rain. Stay safe and I hope for no damage !
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    Ann I am so glad that you and Hunter are OK. I am dealing with the after effects a spider bite this afternoon while I was getting off my crossing guard duty. As far as the Dr. at the ER could tell, it was not a poisonous spider. It got me as I was taking my cooling bag( water, ice and washcloth to wipe face and arms to cool down) off of the gate so I could shut the gate and lock it. I think it was a wolf spider, but it really was painful. On a scale of 1-10 it was a 7. As of right now though it is closer to a 1.
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