Recently we went to the VA for an appointment for one of us and the old Intrepid died in the middle of the intersection. Hubby managed to get it restarted and as we were turning into the parking spot, it died again. So we knew that it wouldn't last much longer even after we got it repaired. So we have been looking on line at cars and we settled on getting a Honda. So we went to the local Honda dealership and test drove a CR-V. Well we both liked the way it drove and the fact that it had a back up camera as standard equipment in all their cars, really sold us. So Sat we went over to Brandon FL where the bigger dealership was and we looked at the CR-Vs they had in stock.Well we found one that had everything we wanted . So we bought it Sat. But since our insurance company was closed .,on weekends, we waited till Monday morning to go add the car to our insurance and then we went and picked up the CR-V and drove it home. It is the color called Twilight Blue. and we love it.As soon as I get a photo of it I will post it here.