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Thread: Broke Temp Record Set During the Dust Bowl

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    Broke Temp Record Set During the Dust Bowl

    51 days of 100 plus degree weather since May(not all consecutive days)...and more coming. To quote Charlie Brown:

    "If I keep a green bough in my heart, a singing bird will come"

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    Have you observed a TREND during the last 8 years?
    In Germany the last HOT summer was in 2003 with maximum 100F for several days.
    Since then, "The singer's politeness keeps silent" about the weather. Generally too cold, too cloudy. And unfortunately it is too hot in May when it should NOT (!) and THEN when fresh vegetation has almost dried up then rain comes and will never end. Every day with actual SUNSHINE is JOY but rare...

    btw is "The singer's politeness keeps silent" on...
    a valid term (I assume that you understand the meaning?)

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