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Thread: Has He Grown or What? Hunter's Two Toys

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    Has He Grown or What? Hunter's Two Toys

    Hunter is now 17.

    He started out with a small dirt bike. Did some trading, ended up with two 4 wheelers that didn't work, repaired those, then traded for a bigger dirt bike, still too small for him, did a few repairs and it worked fine. Last weekend, he traded for a monster racing dirt bike that wouldn't run because it had sat up for a couple of years and the gas went to varnish.

    He cleaned it up, and wow, does it run good!

    I traded my old bass boat for the truck...
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    Ann B.
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    Yes Ann
    Hunter sure has grown so much since I first saw pictures of him - quite a young man now - where does the time go ?

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    That is one very inventive fella you got there, Ann! Must get it from his Mom, ya think!? Good deal you got too, tradin a bass boat for a nice small pick-up! Smart looking truck!

    You've done a wonderful job bring that young man up, give yourself a pat on the back! For you definitely deserve it!

    Nature is trying very hard to make us succeed, but nature does not depend on us. We are not the only experiment.
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