I saw a post about the first 100F day for the midwest and had a good laugh, because as I read it, Nature was putting the finishing touches on our 18 inches of snow...

Yes... you read right... 18 inches of heavy, practically dripping-wet snow fell in Colorado pn May 11th and 12th 2011, giving us the entire month of May's average rainfall in the form of snow fit for a Coke Icy!

Observe...6AM on the 12th, and it continued snowing heavily for another 6 hours after this shot.

My garden got squished... I have to repair the deer fencing and hope the tomatoes perk back up. I haven't seen freeze damage except for the peppers...yeah they're dead. LOL But the tomatoes are just fine, just a little weighed down by the heaviness of the snow.

Nothing else has been planted or has seeded yet-- what I do have growing is safe in the basement under lights.

BTW-- I have chickens, too... this is their house....they looked..."put out" by the experience, but they survived just fine!

All 18 inches of the snow has melted today, the 13th-- which normally would cause flooding in areas, but we've been so dry, the ground simply drank it up. More snow is expected tomorrow night, despite highs in the 60's every day! Strangest May ever.