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Thread: Everyone OK after those tornados and storms?

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    Everyone OK after those tornados and storms?

    Anyone who was their path ? Ann, I know you are further south than Tuscaloosa........
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    Is very scary how devastating the storm system has been. Sadly, too many have perished, but hopefully our dear friends on here are all safe!


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    I'm Okay

    The storms came over our area, but we were spared the devastasion. Thank goodness!

    Watching the news is hard for me. Yes! We have been through this type of disaster. Too many times. Loss of power for over two weeks, chain saws, seeing destruction all around you, but we managed, but my devastation was not nearly as bad as this.

    With Hurricane Katrina, everything was washed into the Gulf, including people. That was hard.

    Hurricane Ivan was the one that hurt me badly, but not as bad as Hurricane Frederick.

    All of them hurt, but at least we had a couple of days warning and were advised as to where it was going. We were evacuated, when necessary, taking our treasured memorables with us.

    This is not a fun experience, but at least we had time to prepare. Evacuation could have been ordered to prevent loss of lives, but how could they possibly know that it would be this bad.

    My heart is broken, right now. I don't know what else to say. I have been in tears watching videos of the medical workers finding a dead child and listening to others talk about hearing whimpering, but not being able to locate them.

    Please bear with me. This is too close to home and memories!

    For goodness sake, Tuscaloosa is the home of one of our several popular Universities.

    Forgive me! This is so HARD!
    Ann B.
    Zone 9a
    Gulf Coast

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    It is good that you are safe Ann
    We seen the devastation caused by the tornados on the TV news

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