Hey, everyone! Thanks for keeping the forum going for me!

It has been a hard winter, and it is the first time ever that I have missed a total of 11 days (flu) of school in one quarter. Somehow, I made it, but this weekend, I have been getting much needed sleep.

It is 80 degrees now, so bitter cold goes to extra warm really quickly as usual.

My hope is that we will have a wet spring and summer as normal and not the droughts. The droughts are killing me because I don't have a sprinkler system set up.

School is fine. I like teaching Geometry better because I was getting bored with Algebra. Unfortunately, I have a class of 34 fast paced Algebra students, most of whom do not belong there. This is my hard class.

My robotics class is the best, but it requires the most work to prepare. I think that it would be nice to teach that all day long.