Sorry for the delay, was trying to network my two computers and can't do it. I am assuming it is because I am running two different OS; XP on the PC and Win7 on the lap top.

Anyway, here's shots of my 2 newest acquisitions:

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The white is a darling little bloom, scarcely as big as a quarter and just masses of them. I can see Phal. equestris in it as well as Phal. amabilis, two lovely species, with the former one having tiny blooms maybe the size of a nickle. I am sure it is a much more complex hybrid than a simple "primary" but it is a lovely little thing. The large bloom has extremely heavy substance and looks quite "plastic".

I have lost the battle for the others against the mealy bugs and will have to totally disinfect and sanitize the light system before these new plants get to go on it. In the meantime, these are in the kitchen window enjoying the bright late afternoon sun.