Although I love taking photos of my all my plants, I also enjoy night photography. Well the Solstice brought something special for us this year-- the lunar eclipse.

During shooting, it was 25 knot winds at about 20F-- which equates to a lot of jumping around and stuffing of hands deep into pockets to keep warm and wonder if the shot will actually work while the camera did its thing.

So here it is...5 hours long, 524 exposures combined to one... the total lunar eclipse of the 2010 Winter Solstice.

Many photographers choose to take single shots of the eclipse and though I could have done that, I wanted to experience the entire thing and remember how it was... though I didn't see the stars streaming across the sky, I did the photo this way to give the impression of how the event unfolded.

To say the least, it was spectacular. It was wonderful-- spiritual even.