Last winter was a really brutal one for us. We are not used to getting lows of 17 degrees, and I lost a lot of garden plants including all of my red passifloras. There was also damage to the brugsmansia, but some managed to come back, even though they only have a few branches rather than many that they had before.

Summer was really hard. We are currently looking at 48 inches of rainfall, when normally we have at least 60" by this time of the year. Summer was HOT and little or no rain which hurt. I spent a large portion of the summer recovering this forum from the server crash, and goodness knows, it was easier being inside than outside during a heated drought. My thanks for your patience during that time.

Surprisingly, we had a early frost. Most made it through the frost just fine, but some bulbs/plants have gone into dormancy early. No damage was done, and I managed to get the porch enclosed for the winter.

Surely, this winter and the spring/summer to follow will be more forgiving! I am quite ready for a wonderful new year!

Quite frankly, I am wishing for a more 'peaceful' year!