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Thread: Master Gardening Course

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    Master Gardening Course

    Hi Everyone
    Its fall and time for the Master gardening courses to start. Everyone interested in taking the course please call your Co Extention Office. It may be to late in your area but you can plan for next year. One of the reasones I'm writting this is I just found out that our classes have been cancelled due to the lack of interest. 600 people signed up for info, but only 8 actually signed up for the class and they needed at least 10. I took the class a few years ago and it was the best thing I ever did. It actually changed my life. First I thought I knew about plants but I found out that I didn't know much. The exciting thing was I actually met people in my town that liked plants as much as I did. Before that I did not really know any one that wanted to sit down and talk plants. Now all my friends are "plant people" just like me. Ann, you are taking the course now. Why don't you tell us one thing you learn in every class in just a couple of sentenses.

    Log Cabin Pat

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    I am really enjoying the class. The first week's subject was plant physiology, and the second was on soil science. I will expand upon both in two separate posts during the week when Hunter is in school.

    One thing I will tell you about now...

    Remember the research and writeups I did on Mike's board replying to an azalea problem? This topic was covered extensively in the class 3 days after I wrote the answer. It would have saved me a lot of research time had I gone to that class before answering. I now understand more about why these problems occur.

    In short, the training will help prevent making lots of mistakes and learning the hard way why something doesn't work. It will help you save time and create a more healthy, beautiful garden. And the people in the class are varied in experience, and are regular people just like all of us. The people part is probably the best part of all.

    Till Later My Gardening Friends...
    Ann B.
    Zone 9a
    Gulf Coast

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