I thought I would share this with the group...

Last year, I bought an odd bulb called Giant White Squill (Urginea maritima), I'm a sucker for anything unusual, so at the size of a soccer ball, I had to buy it.

Knowing I was going to be moving at some point this year, I potted it up instead of planting it in the garden. In November, it sent up a cluster of leaves which didn't last very long. I didn't have high hopes for the bulb, but left it in its pot (apparently dead) when the rest of my potted plants moved over to the new house. And there it sat all summer long. Baking in the sun. Dead. Dead. Dead.

The last weekend in August, when I was cleaning up for our housewarming party, I gave up on the pot, and moved it out of sight.

Yesterday, I was treated to a wonderful surprise! I looked over at the pot of dead leaves, and a flower stalk (scape?) had shot out of the bulb and was about 3 feet tall!!

Nice to know that I properly neglected this bulb!

For those who want more info on this unique bulb, check out:


I'll keep you all updated as the flowers begin to open.