Hello Everyone
I have been out of the loop, and cannot seem to competently seach answers on this new style of forum, but i wanted to review when, what soil, and just how to propapate azalea cuttings. I remember many discussions on this, but I am not finding anything now. I kind of miss the old Landspro, with the "how to" demos on plant propagation.

I have retired, and bought a vacation home on a hillside overlooking a lake. I want to plant a zillion azaleas, rhododendrons, propagate some of the exisiting mountain laurels and the wild Dame's Rockets growing along the roadsides. I have forgotten some pointers, and when to do azalea cuttings.... My seedling sugar maple tree (which is what brought me to this forum in 2005) is now 8' tall, and magnificient. My rose bushes are to die for, my daylilies from gift seeds are up, looking happy and not yet blooming! I must learn what poison oak and sumac look like, because I have been getting into it on a regular basis!!

I will keep trying to navigate the new site.