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Thread: Hoya buds, buds and more buds!

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    Thank! Thanks!
    Denver Ryan, I am not an expert but this is how I take care of my pretties. draining ( equal parts Orchid bark, perlite, potting soil, lava rock small chunks.
    Light...bright eastern exposure but some hoyas like hotter sun.
    water...water well, let it almost dry out before watering again. most hoyas don't like wet feet but the Multiflora loves water.
    Fertilizer...10 10 10 is good, I mix 1/4 strength, water every time during growing season. Nov-Feb I use slow release or none.
    Bugs... hoyas are prone to mealies, best thing to use is straight alcohol spray to effected area and pots and hangers in shady area, I use Bayer's Trees & Shrubs systemic if it gets out of hand.
    Spider mites are not bad but if you get those buggers, hose them down with water.
    Hoya erythrostemma and Hoya cv mathilde.

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