lease PM me with your mailing address. These are from my own breeding programs (SPUF, Mini-SPUF, Northern Hardy Re-bloomers including Patterns, near whites, various pastels and melons) Some Tet crosses for Tet Unusual Forms.

No promises on how many or what crosses, but since I do know most of y'all I will choose carefully! Do let me know if you would rather work with my Northern Hardy ones though as these are mostly hard dormants.

Some of my seeds will be going to Europe to three gentlemen in particular and any I can not find homes for here in the States will have to go to the AHS's International Seed Bank. I Might be able to grow out a couple hundred seeds and I have well over 3,000. Bummer I can not send them to Abby, but AU frowns on it w/o proper certification. While there might be some future Stout Medals Winners in the bunch, none are worth the fines and possible jail time!

Sue I already have your preferences, like you're in any better shape than I am! We can both handle a few though and trade if needed/warranted.

Oh! Forgot to mention, I would like to have a division back of anything that proves to be of registration quality.

Will most likely have some seedlings to send elsewhere this fall (late summer). All the ones that came back and that I had kept from the field bed made it through winter and several are in really nice shape. - Meaning good to great increase and some not so great. Blooms will decide stay/go call.