Hey, all!

I know that it may sound strange to some of you, but 17 degrees is a frightening thing for me. I have subtropicals that I questioned would survive such extreme lows for our area.

Thankfully, it appears that the last frost is behind us, and I began removing plastic today. Then, right before dark, I ventured around to check on some plants that concerned me. This is what I have found so far....

Hippeastrum Johnsonii - I was worried but they are sending up leaves, so they are fine. I don't see a flower bud yet, but I just wanted to know that they survived the unusually cold and wet winter. They definitely did!

The hardy red one that clusters, well... Those sent up leaves before Johnsonii and the amazing thing is that they have not pulled themselves down, so the upper part of the bulbs were exposed to extremely freezing temperatures. Definitely a hardier variety, huh?

Thunbergia Battiscombei, I usually cover that one so that it evergreen and blooms quicker in the spring, but I didn't and I regretted it when the 17 degrees hit. So far, I see 3 dense clusters, much denser than usual so maybe they benefit from the rest. There are still lots more to come up, if they all survived.

Brugsmansia - too soon to tell.

The hardy subtropical hibiscus that I have had for years looks as dead as it can be, but time will tell.

Daylilies probably benefited from the cold as well as the clematis.

Pond lilies - I see a few starting to pop up, so not all were lost.

Variegated hibiscus - amazingly, the one that was still in a one gallon pot has sprouted leaves. The one in the ground looks dead. We will see.

My favorite camellia that produces seeds - well, it looks great, but I think all seed pod were lost, so it is wait until next year. I remember taking a vase of those to my Mom. She wasn't able to see them, but when I came back the next night, my sister said, "You have to see these flowers that someone brought. They are beautiful." I said, "Alice, I brought those. They are camellias and blooming in my yard now. Do you want some seeds?" She said definitely and my aunt said she wanted some too, so I brought a few for each of them at the funeral.

Variegated shrimp plant - This one is protected on my porch, but I worried because it went totally dormant. I've been watching for any sign of life and this evening, after I removed half the plastic, I spotted the leaves. It made it! It may not be as huge and healthy, but it made it well enough that I can take cuttings and start more.

It's wait and see for the rest, but I have to tell you that I am so happy for winter to be over. Spring break is in two weeks and already they are forecasting some days with highs in the 80's.

Wacky weather!!!