Please note that the main site pages ( ) were not affected by the upgrade to V4.0 of vbulletin.

This is a major upgrade and there are a lot of additional administrative options. Some have defaults that are not as they were before, so if you see something different and wish to know if it can be changed, please let me know.

There were some issues with attached images (uploaded and stored in the forum database), but I believe that I figured out how to restore those to the way they were. Just make sure that when you browse your hard drive or camera memory card that you Insert Inline . That is a new setting for me and option for you, so it is important for it to work like before.

You will have to preview your new post to see the image in the size that will be displayed on the post.

Please know that I can only learn these new settings and try them when I get home from school. It is already the end of the quarter which is busy, busy, busy time for me. It is also grad exam time, and although I declined the opportunity, I had to fill in the replacement grad exam tutor (teacher) after school for the last couple of days.

Do let me know here if you see something unusual or different that needs to be changed. When I can, I will try to fix it.