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Thread: Harvesting Mum Seeds?

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    Harvesting Mum Seeds?

    I'd like to collect the seeds from the Mums that I have.
    Someone told me that flower heads generally need to dry on the plant before I could get viable seeds.

    In order to get the seeds from the mums do I need to wait until they dry up?

    I ask this question because the flower heads die and then they seem to stay soggy. What can I do to get seeds from them.

    Kathy in Ga.

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    Try Cuttings!


    Mums can be difficult to grow from seeds, and as you just described, harvesting the seeds is also difficult, especially in coastal humid conditions. The seeds are very, very tiny, so unless you are really experienced, I would stick with cuttings.

    Use the techniques described in tender perennial cuttings, and you will do well. Although mums are not really a tender perennial, the stems are tender and very small (short) cuttings will root well in tray cells. They root very quickly, and one plant will make many, many mums. Just make sure to water them often (but don't keep them soggy) and do not allow them to completely dry out. When you see roots coming out of the bottom of the soil, transfer them to a one size larger pot. You can keep repeating this until they are the size that you wish to sell.

    You will need to pinch off blooms and pinch off new growth to encourage bushiness, but they are fun to do because they root so easily. And there are so many beautiful varieties.

    One more note... It is best to do this with the garden mum varieties as opposed to the florist mums which require a special greenhouse environment.

    Have FUN and let us know how it works for you!
    Ann B.
    Zone 9a
    Gulf Coast

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    YES! YES!

    Great tips!

    I did do some cuttings today, infact. That is exciting news! I can't wait until they root so I can have more flowers for my beds!
    Gosh, it will be great! I'll have color everywhere, through the fall!

    I have 4 colors of Garden mums now! I will have to do cuttings on the other colors tomorrow!

    I love Gardening!
    Kathy in Ga.

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