January 30 National Seed Swap Day What a great way to try out new and exciting plants! If you can't find an arranged seed swap near you, start your own. Exchanging seeds with your neighbors will be fun and just might turn up that garden jewel you've been seeking! Happy trading!

From my Park's Seed Newsletter! So how's about it all y'all? Want to look through your stashes and see what you have to swap? Is there something specific you are looking for? Want to post it in this thread in hopes someone else has some?

Once you have your list of what you have to trade, list it here and we'll be ready for the big Seed Swap the end of the month.

HINT: List what you have and in a second list, what you are looking for. We can offer/request anything from Amaryllis to Zygocactus!

We can go from there on who will get what from whom; and come to a "best ship date".