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Thread: Wacky Weather

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    Wacky Weather

    I think Ann once mentioned how crazy the Kansas weather is and, after posting the Hard Freeze message, here I am to report upper 70's this weekend. Crazy, huh ? I have to get out there tomorrow and plant hyacinth bulbs(15 for 2.50 at WM), an anemone, a hydrangea and a mum(both bought Fall 2008 and been in pots since then). I won't do the potted lily and potted daylily seedling roundup until they predict sustained freezing lows(could happen anytime). For now, I'm enjoying the early summer weather !
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    It has been wacky weather here and much warmer then in the year's past.

    Friday, I received a message from a friend that said that Houston was getting a hard freeze. I looked at the doppler and sure enough, it was snowing in Houston.

    So, during each class on Friday, I pulled up weather.com and let my students see the dopplers, and explained their relationship to what they are learning. About 100 pairs of eyes watched the news. They are always asking me "When will we ever use this in real life?" Well, now was the time...

    Of course, all of them wanted to know if it was going to snow here. I let them watch the videos, and explained to them why it seemed unlikely.

    A hard freeze in Houston without us getting worse is quite unusual. I am totally unprepared for winter. My porch has not been enclosed in plastic, yet we were forecasted for a freeze this morning. The local news changed the forecast from 30 to 28 at the last minute. There was nothing that I could do about it. I simply covered up some seedling with blankets and hoped for the best.

    I suspect that it was barely above 32 degrees, so I lucked out. There are no hard freezes in the forecast for the next two weeks, so hopefully, I will be able to prepare and protect my plants.

    It has been a long time since I remember having no hard freezes until after Thanksgiving. I am so grateful for THAT!
    Ann B.
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