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Thread: 16 New Master gardener Interns

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    16 New Master gardener Interns

    Today was the momentous day when 16 new Master Gardener Interns were unleashed on the unsuspecting populace here in the Texas Hill Country.

    I learned there are 5300 Master Gardeners in 98 Counties in the Independent Republic of Texas. They perform over 276,000 volunteer hours annually which equates to 133 man years of assistance annually to the Country Extension service. This represents an annual total of $4.2 million buckolas.

    Its good to have the class work done - we learned so much and I will miss that weekly, but now the real work begins. We are volunteers now.

    Gary J

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    Congratulations !!


    I remember the day that I graduated from the Master Gardener Course and what a wonderful sense of accomplishment that was. Our class was quite larger than yours, but we still managed to get to know each other quite well.

    In the months to come, you will find that if you get more involved in various functions with others in your class as well as more accomplished Master Gardeners, you will learn that each and every one has areas of their own expertise and special interests. In my case, there were very few others who have done much propagating other than perhaps cuttings in water and, thankfully, I am finally getting a 'little' better at this since the new friendships have renewed my confidence in this method.

    Again, congratulations! We now have quite a few Master Gardeners on Landspro, and I believe that everyone of them would concur that the efforts required to obtain and retain your Master Gardeners Certificate are invaluable and well spent.

    Have FUN, Gary!
    Ann B.
    Zone 9a
    Gulf Coast

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