At around 2am, something wroke me up. I heard noise, then a lot of thunder. I didn't get much sleep after that because the thunder and lightning was so bad.

This afternoon, I found out what woke me. It was a small tornado which touched down in the vacant field just 100 feet north of my greenhouse. It didn't do a lot of damage, but threw a horse trailer around, a heavy duty swing glider and other things into a swimming pool and did some damage, but not major to the homes just north of me.

Thank goodness it went north and not south or my little old greenhouse would have been history.

There is a video on our news channel about it, but I'm not linking to it unless there is a better video because this one isn't very good. It just shows the horse trailer on its side and a tiny bit of home damage.

But it is scary because had it touched down just a little south of where it did my greenhouse would have been GONE.

We've had over 3 inches of rain in the last couple of days and more is on the way tonight and tomorrow. These are really bad thunderstorms, and our school prom is tonight, so I surely hope that none of our students will be hurt.

I'll report the amount of rain when it is over. All I hear outside right now is lots and lots of thunder.

GEE! I am glad it is FRIDAY! I barely made it to school the last two days because the road into my subdivision was trying to flood.