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Thread: mist systems?

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    Question mist systems?

    Hi All,
    What set-ups do you use for intermittent mist systems? Would like to do a bed 4 x 50 ft. Found a few diagrams while searching the net. But they are a few yrs. old (1993?). What do the mist heads sit on? spikes? 3 ft. apart? Or suspended overhead?
    Happy Growing,
    Vicki in West. Mich.

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    Ann has a very nice web site here if you should use the search button and type in mist system you will get a lot of information
    Click on Jim Lang intermitent mist and Gene for leyland cypress you can learn alot Im sure theres more there to read up on.
    I made a home made system for my greenhouse I really enjoy it .I have my on benches to avoid bending over I place my cuttings in 606 inserts .When its raining or the sun is beaming down I'm under a shade tarp. If you go to Home depo or lowes you can get your filter and soleniod values alot cheaper than what I paid for mine I order my misting heads from mortons which I like you can srcew them into 1/2 inch female couples you also don't need a regulator to push down the water pressure Ibought my filter from Mortons also but believe lowes has them much cheaper. You have disadvantages with both indoor and outdoor set ups

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    Wink Misting systems


    Call the guys out at www.dripirrigation.com and ask them what to use. They have great prices and will help you design the system including drip heads. They seem to like the pipe going under the bed or table and the misters coming up on risers. It helps to prevent dripping when the system is off. Mkaes sense to me.

    Robert just sent me an email and someone on the Freeplants (backyard growers board) just posted a link to www.lubees.com and indicated they had GREAT prices.

    Gary J

  4. mist system


    I built a simple mist system for under $100 in a couple of hours.

    I used 1/2" PVC, and connected it to a Nelson 5940 electonic timer ($49.95 www.amleo.com). It is easy to program, uses 2 C cell batteries, so I don't have to worry about electrocuting myself. I've had absolutely no problem with it.

    I hang my PVC mist rack about 18" above plants. You should also use an inline filter ($15 lowes) to keep the nozzles from getting clogged no matter what system you use.

    I use the black nozzles from Kesmist.com. they deliver 3.0 gallons per hour and have a 115 degree spray pattern. I got their sample pack and can swap out nozzles for different applications. I like them because they deliver a good spray even with low water pressure, and don't clog easily. They have a $50 minimum order.

    You can also get various nozzles and sticks in smaller quantities from www.hummert.com

    You can get Dramm sticks from www.carlinsales.com

    Amleo.com also stocks nozzles and sticks similar to the dramms.

    You can use the Nelson timer with any of the mist nozzles.

    Here's one pic I took when I first rigged it up. Only a few plants in the pic, but you get the idea.


    You can see a breeze is moving the mist pattern a bit. It is a nice fine mist. Over the course of a day that is no problem, but I have a small enclosure that keeps the mist in one place.

    You could easily control a 4' x 50' area, and break it up in a variety of ways, using PVC and the Nelson timer.

    -Malcolm White

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