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Thread: Using Willow Water?

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    Question Using Willow Water?


    It's a secret, I say cause I haven't seen this topic many places.

    Willow Water, do you use it when you are propagating? What are your results???? I'd like to know!!!
    I've had a great success rate using it.
    I'm curious to hear about your experiences!

    What do ya' say?
    Kathy in Ga.

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    Unhappy Hmmm.......

    Hmmm......I thought someone, would answer.
    Okay, so it was my first time using the poll.
    I didn't do it properly and it can not be edited.
    But... I still thought someone would say whether they've used willow water or not?

    If you have, please inform.
    I'm trying to do a suryvey, or you could say a study, and any info any of you have would be greatly appreciated.

    Kathy in Ga.

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    Cool Give it TIme


    The forum is still quite new, so please give this some time. I have heard good things about the use of willow tea. From what I understand, it has a hormone in it that promotes root growth.

    You are very fortunate to have access to a large willow tree. Mine is still too small to make tea, but I am pleased to say that it is doing well along with my newly rooted pussy willows. But, then again, they are too small to make cuttings, much less tea.

    Kathy, just keep us posted as to how it is working for you and maybe it will encourage others to give it a try. To really test it out, you have to do one set without and one set with and make sure all other conditions are the same.

    Looking forward to hearing what the difference is...

    Thanks, My Friend and Good Luck!
    Ann B.
    Zone 9a
    Gulf Coast

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    Thank You!

    Eeeewwweee, or should I say OOOoohh! That's scary! My first Round of plants I have used Willow Tea on every single clipping. My success rate of 2,400. is 85% maybe more? Total I've lost 40 cuttings.

    Now when I pot these up, I may find more hiding, that have died off, but so far, I think those are pretty good Stats!

    Now this is the scary thing, doing clippings without the Willow Tea for fear of messing up a good thing.

    Wait! I could do a small test. I could take 20 cuttings 10 with Willow Tea, and 10 Without the tea, that wouldn't be alot to loose.

    I will do that tomorrw also!
    I will keep you all posted on the results.
    Kathy in Ga.

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    could you tell me what exatly IS willow water?

    Thanks, Sally

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    Hi Sally,

    Willow Water Tea. A Willow Tree. Using Branches of the Willow Tree, it only takes one small limb. Take the limb and break it into peices, and put in a pot with water let boil for a few minutes. Remove from heat, wait until willow tea is room temp, and pour into a jug of some sort, get cuttings, place into willow water, start scoring your cuttings, and place back into the water until you are ready to dip into the rooting compound.

    That is my method. Willow Tea was a previous dicussion on Mikes board a few months ago, but I still hadn't begun the propagating yet.

    Others that have used Willow Tea, may have or use a different method, but mine seems to work very well for me.

    Hope you have some Willow Trees in your area so you can try this.
    I must add....To protect the Willow Trees, in the "Natural Habitat"
    A willow does not need to butchered, the tea works just fine using small limbs. The great thing is that the willow ater can be recycled, as long as you boil, again before using for the next batch of cuttings. Each jar/jug needs to be sealed when you are done,(a mayonaise jar, would be a good one to use)
    Good Luck,
    Kathy in Ga.

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