I had this bright idea for distributing surplus annual and perennial seeds, all collected/saved seeds as I have a ton of them and just can't seem to not save seeds from one season to the next. I always have way more than I'll ever need for myself, even with growing some on to sell.

So I thought, why not see who all might be interested in a kind of a round robin, only with seeds. All interested parties would need to "sign up" and supply their mailing address to the "Mother" robin member.

The mother robin sends out the box of seeds to the first person on the list and lets that person know who is to get the box next. As each person after that gets the box they are to PM the "Mother Robin" for the name and address of the next person and so on until the box reaches the last person on the list. The last person can then take what ever they want for themselves and then, and this is the important part, they must donate what is left to their city/town's local Gardening Club or School for City Beautification or Educational purposes.

Each robin member is responsible for mailing the seeds on to the next person and this should be within a week of receiving the seeds themselves.

There is no limit to the number of seeds or varieties each person can take. However, if at all possible if all of any one variety of plant is taken, they should be replaced with something not already in the box. (I will be starting it out with several different colors of Columbine, [for example] when the last of this seed, and color is taken, something new is added.)

As each person makes their selection and prepares to pass the box on down the line they are to post what they are going to try growing and who is getting it next - this gives that person a heads up as to when to expect the package.

If there is enough favorable response and y'all PM me with your mailing address I can get this thing rolling by next week end.

If there is not enough response to do this as a "round robin" anyone interested in seeds can just let me know. These are annual and perennial seeds only! These are NOT my daylily seeds.