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Thread: Dry Winter- Remember to water

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    Dry Winter- Remember to water

    Just a reminder if you are having a dry winter--get out there and water and remember to remove the hose from the outdoor faucet when done, so it doesn't freeze. Yep, I watered to day(it was high 50's--not so tomorrow).
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    We haven't gotten as much rain as usual, but there has been some. In the last 24 hours, there has been 2". That brings our year-to-date to 4.5".

    Usually, we get over 5 inches in January and over 5 inches in February, so you are correct that this is less than normal.

    March is our biggy month. It averages close to 8" because that is the month that we get those "100 year" floods that produce 4-5" in a couple of hours (without a hurricane or tropical storm).

    I hope that this decrease in rain does not mean that the spring will be a drought again. Bummer! But if it does, I'll just turn on the sprinklers more often this year.

    As nasty as rain can be, I won't complain even though in the winter, rain is usually followed by a cold front.

    I am READY for April to get here!
    Ann B.
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