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Thread: Problem with Read/Unread Threads

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    Problem with Read/Unread Threads

    I am having a strange problem starting from about 2 weeks ago. After I read a thread with a new post and go back to the "home" of the forum, I could see that it is no longer marked as having any new post.

    However, if I exit Landspro and come back again, I will see it listed as having a new post. I have to read it again. Then the next time it will be properly marked as not having any new post.

    Is it just me? Or is anyone else seeing this?

    (I am not complaining but am just curious about whether this is because of IE automatic update or whether there is a change in the forum setup).

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    I've noticed something odd like that, too. It's been happening since the upgrade this summer.

    I'll check out the cookie timer settings and see what I can figure out.

    Thanks for reporting it. I thought it was just my computer because I also upgraded my browser.

    Ann B.
    Zone 9a
    Gulf Coast

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    Yes I experienced a similar problem,
    I did a reply and as it was not there I redid it but then it was there must be the time of the "silly season"

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