I think today was the most fun day of my teaching career to date. You see, we are studying graphing, and thank goodness for having so many graphs and maps.

The students were so very excited about the possibility of it snowing, I decided to use the LCD projector and my teacher computer to let them watch the weather in motion. There it was, a big patch of blue over New Orleans. This has got to be a treat for New Orleans. They are so much warmer than we are. They definitely got snow! I'm not sure how much, but the children got so excited just imagining that it might snow here.

Unfortunately, as the time approached for the snow to be here, it disappeared from our area, so long story short, "NO SNOW" for us.

Anyway, we were able to start reviewing for quarter ending exams and now, the kids can't say, "When will will ever use all this stuff?"

It was defnitely a lot of fun to see their excitement and enthusiam over the possibility of snow. But alas, there was none and the temperatures didn't get to freezing here (not yet anyway).

Actually, reality tells me that I am glad there was no snow, but for the sake of the children, it would be nice to have a little (just a little)!