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Thread: How to Garden in a Small Space # 4

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    How to Garden in a Small Space # 4

    "Multi-use Seedling Bench"
    This is a tough little bench on my patio built to hold seedling trays. At one time I counted 2800 seedlings growing in the 20 sq ft area. You will need 6 concrete 'Post' blocks for the base. Line them up in 2 lines 2 feet apart and place 2x4's in the slots for the length of bench you want. Mine is 10 ft long so the 2x4's should be 10 ft long. Next you will need 1/2" Exterior Plywood ripped in 2 ft wide strips. Lay a sheet of the plywood on the 2x4 lengths for the coverage you need. I had to cut a 2 ft x 2 ft piece to fit the end for my 10ft length. DO NOT NAIL the boards together. Now, put 6 regular concrete blocks on end just over the base blocks and run a 2x4 through the top square hole. This stabilizes the shelf AND is the 'rack' for the seed trays. Repeat the process again for the next shelf. If you are making a shelf longer than 8 ft, alternate adding the short piece from one end to the other. Including the ground level you should have 3 - 9" solid shelves and 2 - 6" seed tray shelves and a flat working top 44" off the ground. The Bench can double as a Potting Bench and other uses.
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    Very very nice, John. Thanks for sharing!

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    Thumbs up Lots of Ideas!!!!!

    Yes, John! Thank you! Thank YOU! THANK YOU!!!!

    That gives me lots of ideas for my porch area in the winter. Since I enclose my porch with greenhouse plastic (and heat when needed). I could really use temporary shelving that could be dismantled when the plants go back outside.

    This would give me more space for my subtropicals that I overwinter (just in case) and not require so much of my 'floor' space.

    It would also give me a place to overwinter these 2 year old hippeastrum seedlings. They probably wouldn't go dormant, and when they don't go dormant, they need more light than they get on my patio.

    Oh! This gives me so many ideas...

    You've got me thinking and preparing...
    Ann B.
    Zone 9a
    Gulf Coast

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