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Thread: Kids Having FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Kids Having FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yesterday, when I was digging and planting, Hunter suddenly announced that I need a John Deer Gator for doing work in the yard.

    I said, "Oh, YEAH!" and he said, "Seriously, Mom! You really, really NEED one. Just think about how much it would help you."

    And then, he started talking about how he could drive it when I wasn't using it. Here I was, covered with dirt up to my elbows, kneeling on the grass, bent over the flower bed, pulling grass and HE wants a John Deere Gator for ME to use around the yard.

    Growing up, isn't he? Sounds just like a MAN!

    Actually, I could use one, but I don't need it THAT bad!!!!!!!!!!!

    Here he is, driving the neighbor's golf cart....
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    That is so funny. Reminds me of the commercial for a new TV show where daughter moves back in with Mom weeks after the wedding. Sitting next to a dejected Mom on the couch daughter says 'would it make you feel better if you got up and made us some Nachos!'.
    Hunter is smart; he's looking for 'wheels ' !
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