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Thread: How to Garden in a Small Space # 3

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    How to Garden in a Small Space # 3

    "Vertical Growing Using Pallets"
    The picture shows the use of 4x4 foot wooden pallets in growing plants. Some seed like the "FoxTail Palm" here take months to germinate. Using regular bricks at all 4 corners and in the middle to support the bottom pallet off the ground (So it will not rot and draw insects). Place your containers as close as possible (36 gallon containers fit one pallet). Place the second pallet on the first batch of containers after watering well and place your containers on the second pallet and so on. When you water the top the excess goes down and you can water between the slats also. When the seeds sprout on the top it's time to unstack and take out the containers with new plants. I have had pallets 4 high with plastic containers and 8 high with metal containers. I have found black containers in full sun cuts the germination time almost in half. The trick here is keeping the weight spread evenly across the pallets.
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