Often, I feel so spoiled because I live in an area where there are a lot of nurseries, big and small.

This morning, I visited my favorite one, BWI Companies. Even though it is late in the season, they had ample 3.5 cubic foot bales of long haired spagnum moss, each for $20. One bale will normally last me a year, but I have so many plants that need repotting, I opted to buy 3 of them. Don't forget! Often, they are out of them by the time I get a chance to shop there.

I still have plenty of one gallon pots and will be freeing up more, AND I have more 3-5 gallons than I can possible ever use, so I priced 2 gallon (trade size) and bought 100 of those for $20.

Since I still have plenty of vermiculite and perlite in rubber made tubs, I didn't buy any more of that. However, I probably should have bought some more potting soil. My local Home Depot stopped carrying my favorite brand (apparently).

If the frequent rains continue, I'll be propagating more soon. I miss taking cuttings, etc., etc., etc. I miss propagating!

Anyway, I'm getting READY!